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  • Non-Silicon Hollow Polyester Staple Fiber 45D×64mm

Non-Silicon Hollow Polyester Staple Fiber 45D×64mm

Product Features:

High fluffiness, good resilience, strong warmth retention, high rigidity, and good coverage


Mainly used to produce spray-coated cotton, non-coated cotton and other products. 3D is soft and delicate, light and warm; 6D has superior bulkiness and is the best choice for the spray-coated cotton and non-coated cotton industries: 15D and 45D are mainly used as raw materials for hard cotton to produce mattresses and other products.

Product Details:

The 45D variant of this two-dimensional hollow fiber is a key raw material in the production of stiff cotton used to make mattresses and other related items. Its two-dimensional structure, combined with its properties, makes it a first choice for making bedding and mattresses that are comfortable and supportive. The elasticity of the fiber ensures that the product maintains loft and comfort over long periods of use. Its high stiffness contributes to the structural integrity and long-lasting durability of the final product, while effective coverage ensures even distribution for consistent quality.
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Products FAQ

  • How long will we receive a response after we send you the inquiry?
    On weekdays, we will reply to you within 12 hours after receiving the inquiry.
  • Are you a direct manufacturer or a trading company?
    We have one raw material processing factory and two manufacturing factories, and we also have our own international trade department. We produce and sell our own products.
  • What products can you provide?
    Our main products include five series: composite ES fibers, non-woven fibers, hollow fibers, spinning fibers, and electrostatic flocking tow.
  • What are the main application areas of your product?
    Our products are widely used in fields such as geotextiles, filter materials, healthcare, home textiles, and automotive applications.
  • Can you make customized products?
    Customizable and differentiated to meet special needs.
  • What is the production capacity of your company?
    We produce 40000 tons of composite staple fibers, 110000 tons of polyester staple fibers, and 10000 tons of electrostatic flocking tow annually.
  • What is the size of your company and how many employees are there?
    The group's factory covers an area of over 180000 square meters and currently employs a total of 1030 employees.
  • What is the payment method?
    When quoting, we will confirm with you the transaction method, FOB, CIF, CNF or other methods. When producing in bulk, we usually pay a 30% advance payment first, and then pay the remaining balance upon presentation of the bill of lading. Most of our payment methods are T/T, and L/C is also acceptable.
  • How are the goods delivered to the customer?
    Usually, we ship by sea because we are in Jiaxing and we are about 100 kilometers away from Shanghai Port, making sea exports very convenient.
  • Where are your goods mainly exported?
    Our products are mainly exported to dozens of countries such as Vietnam, Brazil, the United States, Germany, Japan, Spain, Italy, the United Kingdom, South Korea, Australia, Canada, etc.
About Us Premium Quality Since 1995

Established in 1995, Jiaxing Fuda Chemical Fiber Factory is located in the heartland of Yangtze River Delta. The company is located less than 100 kilometers far away from Shanghai,Hangzhou, Ningbo and Suzhou. with good location and convenient water and land transportation.

Through 20 years of development, we have 4 production lines for component fiber and 7 production lines for recycled polyester staple fiber with international advanced technologies and processes, with annual output of 40,000 tons component staple fiber . 110,000 tons polyester fiber and 10,000 tons electrostatic flocking tow.

As China Custom Non-Silicon Hollow Polyester Staple Fiber 45D×64mm Manufacturers and Custom Non-Silicon Hollow Polyester Staple Fiber 45D×64mm Factory, We have built an advanced chemical plant with an annual recycling capacity of 50000 tons of Polyethylene Terephthalate (PET) flakes has been built in Huaibei, Anhui Province.

The main products are five series: composite ES fiber, non-woven fiber, hollow fiber, spinning fiber, electrostatic flocking tow.

Mission: to create a world class factory in the industry of differentiated chemical fibers and become industry leader in the field of differentiated chemical fibers.

Jiaxing Fuda Chemical Fiber Factory
Understand Our Products
Jiaxing Fuda Chemical Fiber Factory Jiaxing Fuda Chemical Fiber Factory
  • 1995

    Founded in 1995

  • 180000+ m2

    Plant area

  • 1030

    Number of employees

  • 160000+ tons

    Annual Output

Honorary qualifications Possess GRS, OEKO-TEX and other standard certification certificates
  • Jiaxing Fuda Chemical Fiber Factory
  • Jiaxing Fuda Chemical Fiber Factory
  • Jiaxing Fuda Chemical Fiber Factory
  • Jiaxing Fuda Chemical Fiber Factory
  • Jiaxing Fuda Chemical Fiber Factory
  • Jiaxing Fuda Chemical Fiber Factory
  • Jiaxing Fuda Chemical Fiber Factory
  • Jiaxing Fuda Chemical Fiber Factory
  • Jiaxing Fuda Chemical Fiber Factory
  • Jiaxing Fuda Chemical Fiber Factory
  • Jiaxing Fuda Chemical Fiber Factory
  • Jiaxing Fuda Chemical Fiber Factory
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Industry knowledge
What differentiates Non-Silicon Hollow Polyester Staple Fiber 45D×64mm from traditional silicon-treated fibers and the way does it effect the fabric industry?
Non-Silicon Hollow Polyester Staple Fiber 45D×64mm, a innovative development within the textile fabric panorama, represents a enormous departure from conventional silicon-treated fibers. The unique characteristics and production procedure of this non-silicon variation provide numerous blessings, impacting the textile industry in numerous key methods.
Differentiating Factors:
Environmental Impact:
One of the primary differentiators of Non-Silicon Hollow Polyester Staple Fiber 45D×64mm is its eco-friendly nature. Unlike traditional silicon-treated fibers, which regularly rely on environmentally negative processing techniques and chemical compounds, this non-silicon opportunity is manufactured with a focus on sustainability. Its manufacturing process minimizes the use of dangerous materials, lowering the ecological footprint.
Superior Performance:
Non-Silicon Hollow Polyester Staple Fiber 45D×64mm gives enhanced homes that undoubtedly impact the overall performance of textile merchandise. The hole shape of the fiber offers fantastic insulation, lightweight traits, and progressed breathability. This feature allows the introduction of textiles which can be extra snug, moisture-wicking, and nicely-ideal for a extensive range of packages, from clothing to home textiles.
Health and Comfort:
Unlike silicon-treated fibers, which may on occasion cause skin irritations or soreness, the non-silicon variant is hypoallergenic. This makes it a really perfect preference for people with sensitive skin or allergic reactions, making sure a cushty and safe carrying revel in.
Dyeing and Color Fastness:
The dyeing system for Non-Silicon Hollow Polyester Staple Fiber 45D×64mm is more powerful, ensuing in colourful and long-lasting shades. This stepped forward dye retention assets contributes to the toughness and visual enchantment of the cease products, presenting producers and purchasers with textiles that keep their aesthetic appeal over the years.
Impact at the Textile Industry:
Sustainable Production Practices:
The advent of non-silicon hole polyester fibers indicates a shift toward sustainable and environmentally accountable manufacturing practices within the textile industry. This can function a catalyst for different companies to adopt eco-friendly manufacturing techniques, thereby contributing to a extra sustainable industry as an entire.
Consumer Preference and Market Demand:
With growing awareness and challenge for environmental troubles, customers are becoming greater aware of the products they buy. The availability of textiles crafted from non-silicon hole polyester fibers can appeal to a developing marketplace phase searching for sustainable and green options, driving call for for such merchandise.
Innovation and Product Development:
The precise homes of Non-Silicon Hollow Polyester Staple Fiber 45D×64mm open doorways for innovation in textile production. Companies can develop a big range of recent and advanced merchandise, from high-overall performance activewear to durable domestic textiles, meeting diverse consumer desires whilst keeping a focus on sustainability.
In conclusion, the introduction of Non-Silicon Hollow Polyester Staple Fiber 45D×64mm signifies a pivotal advancement within the fabric industry. Its eco-friendly nature, advanced overall performance, and high quality effect on fitness and comfort make it a promising opportunity to conventional silicon-dealt with fibers, shaping a greater sustainable and patron-conscious future for textiles.