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  • White Hollow Polyester Staple Fiber 6D×51mm

White Hollow Polyester Staple Fiber 6D×51mm

Product Features:

High fluffiness, good resilience, strong warmth retention, high rigidity, and good coverage


Mainly used to produce spray-coated cotton, non-coated cotton and other products. 3D is soft and delicate, light and warm; 6D has superior bulkiness and is the best choice for the spray-coated cotton and non-coated cotton industries: 15D and 45D are mainly used as raw materials for hard cotton to produce mattresses and other products.

Product Details:

This two-dimensional hollow fiber has outstanding characteristics such as high bulkiness, good resilience, strong warmth retention, good rigidity, and strong covering power. This versatile fiber is primarily used in the production of sprayed cotton and uncoated cotton products. Specifically, the 6D variant has better loft, making it an optimal choice for spray cotton. It is commonly used in the manufacture of bedding, winter clothing and thermal materials where warmth and comfort are crucial.
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Products FAQ

  • How long will we receive a response after we send you the inquiry?
    On weekdays, we will reply to you within 12 hours after receiving the inquiry.
  • Are you a direct manufacturer or a trading company?
    We have one raw material processing factory and two manufacturing factories, and we also have our own international trade department. We produce and sell our own products.
  • What products can you provide?
    Our main products include five series: composite ES fibers, non-woven fibers, hollow fibers, spinning fibers, and electrostatic flocking tow.
  • What are the main application areas of your product?
    Our products are widely used in fields such as geotextiles, filter materials, healthcare, home textiles, and automotive applications.
  • Can you make customized products?
    Customizable and differentiated to meet special needs.
  • What is the production capacity of your company?
    We produce 40000 tons of composite staple fibers, 110000 tons of polyester staple fibers, and 10000 tons of electrostatic flocking tow annually.
  • What is the size of your company and how many employees are there?
    The group's factory covers an area of over 180000 square meters and currently employs a total of 1030 employees.
  • What is the payment method?
    When quoting, we will confirm with you the transaction method, FOB, CIF, CNF or other methods. When producing in bulk, we usually pay a 30% advance payment first, and then pay the remaining balance upon presentation of the bill of lading. Most of our payment methods are T/T, and L/C is also acceptable.
  • How are the goods delivered to the customer?
    Usually, we ship by sea because we are in Jiaxing and we are about 100 kilometers away from Shanghai Port, making sea exports very convenient.
  • Where are your goods mainly exported?
    Our products are mainly exported to dozens of countries such as Vietnam, Brazil, the United States, Germany, Japan, Spain, Italy, the United Kingdom, South Korea, Australia, Canada, etc.
About Us Premium Quality Since 1995

Established in 1995, Jiaxing Fuda Chemical Fiber Factory is located in the heartland of Yangtze River Delta. The company is located less than 100 kilometers far away from Shanghai,Hangzhou, Ningbo and Suzhou. with good location and convenient water and land transportation.

Through 20 years of development, we have 4 production lines for component fiber and 7 production lines for recycled polyester staple fiber with international advanced technologies and processes, with annual output of 40,000 tons component staple fiber . 110,000 tons polyester fiber and 10,000 tons electrostatic flocking tow.

As China Custom White Hollow Polyester Staple Fiber 6D×51mm Manufacturers and Custom White Hollow Polyester Staple Fiber 6D×51mm Factory, We have built an advanced chemical plant with an annual recycling capacity of 50000 tons of Polyethylene Terephthalate (PET) flakes has been built in Huaibei, Anhui Province.

The main products are five series: composite ES fiber, non-woven fiber, hollow fiber, spinning fiber, electrostatic flocking tow.

Mission: to create a world class factory in the industry of differentiated chemical fibers and become industry leader in the field of differentiated chemical fibers.

Jiaxing Fuda Chemical Fiber Factory
Understand Our Products
Jiaxing Fuda Chemical Fiber Factory Jiaxing Fuda Chemical Fiber Factory
  • 1995

    Founded in 1995

  • 180000+ m2

    Plant area

  • 1030

    Number of employees

  • 160000+ tons

    Annual Output

Honorary qualifications Possess GRS, OEKO-TEX and other standard certification certificates
  • Jiaxing Fuda Chemical Fiber Factory
  • Jiaxing Fuda Chemical Fiber Factory
  • Jiaxing Fuda Chemical Fiber Factory
  • Jiaxing Fuda Chemical Fiber Factory
  • Jiaxing Fuda Chemical Fiber Factory
  • Jiaxing Fuda Chemical Fiber Factory
  • Jiaxing Fuda Chemical Fiber Factory
  • Jiaxing Fuda Chemical Fiber Factory
  • Jiaxing Fuda Chemical Fiber Factory
  • Jiaxing Fuda Chemical Fiber Factory
  • Jiaxing Fuda Chemical Fiber Factory
  • Jiaxing Fuda Chemical Fiber Factory
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Industry knowledge
How Does the Unique Composition of White Hollow Polyester Staple Fiber 6D×51mm Influence Textile Manufacturing Efficiency and Performance?
The distinctive composition of White Hollow Polyester Staple Fiber 6D×51mm plays a pivotal function in revolutionizing textile manufacturing approaches, imparting a myriad of blessings that drastically effect both performance and the performance of end products. This precise version of polyester staple fiber is engineered with unique characteristics that elevate its position within the industry.
1. Controlled Composition for Consistency
The 6D×51mm dimension indicates the denier (6D) and length (51mm) of the fiber, providing manufacturers with a standardized fabric that guarantees consistency in the manufacturing manner. This manipulate over the fiber's composition is instrumental in developing uniform yarns, fabrics, and textile products, minimizing versions and improving basic production efficiency.
2. Versatility in Applications
The hole structure of White Hollow Polyester Staple Fiber 6D×51mm contributes to its versatility in numerous textile packages. Its resilience and loft make it a perfect cloth for an in depth range of merchandise, which include bedding, pillows, upholstery, garb, non-woven fabric, and business textiles. The capability of this fiber to evolve to various production wishes streamlines production procedures, reducing the need for more than one materials.
3. Integration with Advanced Manufacturing Technologies
The unique composition of this polyester fiber allows for seamless integration with modern manufacturing technology. Its hollow shape allows efficient mixing with different fibers or materials, facilitating the creation of specialized textiles with better performance attributes. This integration extensively enhances production performance by using making an allowance for the development of innovative, excessive-performing products.
4. Environmental Sustainability
White Hollow Polyester Staple Fiber 6D×51mm regularly undergoes manufacturing the usage of green methods, contributing to a greater sustainable production method. Its light-weight nature reduces transportation charges and strength consumption. Additionally, its durability ensures longer-lasting quit products, aligning with environmentally aware practices by decreasing waste and promoting sturdiness.
5. Comfort and Performance Enhancement
The hollow creation of the fiber promotes breathability and luxury in textiles. Its resilience and ability to hold shape contribute to the durability and long-term performance of the quit products, ensuring client satisfaction by means of imparting consolation and functionality over extended periods.
6. Cost-Efficiency in Production
Compared to natural fibers, White Hollow Polyester Staple Fiber 6D×51mm offers a price-powerful answer without compromising first-class. Its consistent houses and sturdiness reduce manufacturing expenses at the same time as assembly market needs for tremendous, yet inexpensive textiles.
7. Contribution to Circular Economy
The recyclability of polyester staple fibers helps the concept of a circular economic system, reinforcing sustainable production practices by way of decreasing waste and selling the reutilization of substances inside the production cycle.
The specific composition of White Hollow Polyester Staple Fiber 6D×51mm substantially impacts fabric manufacturing performance and overall performance. Its managed composition, versatility, technological compatibility, sustainability, value-efficiency, and contribution to a round financial system mark it as an crucial material in developing progressive, extraordinary textiles. The enterprise advantages from its diverse packages and sustainable homes, aligning with evolving marketplace demands and a dedication to environmental duty.