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White Non- Silicon Conjugated Polyester Staple Fiber 7D×51mm Factory

  • White Non- Silicon Conjugated  Polyester Staple Fiber 7D×51mm

White Non- Silicon Conjugated Polyester Staple Fiber 7D×51mm

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Hard cotton, glue-free cotton, filter material

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Products FAQ

  • How long will we receive a response after we send you the inquiry?
    On weekdays, we will reply to you within 12 hours after receiving the inquiry.
  • Are you a direct manufacturer or a trading company?
    We have one raw material processing factory and two manufacturing factories, and we also have our own international trade department. We produce and sell our own products.
  • What products can you provide?
    Our main products include five series: composite ES fibers, non-woven fibers, hollow fibers, spinning fibers, and electrostatic flocking tow.
  • What are the main application areas of your product?
    Our products are widely used in fields such as geotextiles, filter materials, healthcare, home textiles, and automotive applications.
  • Can you make customized products?
    Customizable and differentiated to meet special needs.
  • What is the production capacity of your company?
    We produce 40000 tons of composite staple fibers, 110000 tons of polyester staple fibers, and 10000 tons of electrostatic flocking tow annually.
  • What is the size of your company and how many employees are there?
    The group's factory covers an area of over 180000 square meters and currently employs a total of 1030 employees.
  • What is the payment method?
    When quoting, we will confirm with you the transaction method, FOB, CIF, CNF or other methods. When producing in bulk, we usually pay a 30% advance payment first, and then pay the remaining balance upon presentation of the bill of lading. Most of our payment methods are T/T, and L/C is also acceptable.
  • How are the goods delivered to the customer?
    Usually, we ship by sea because we are in Jiaxing and we are about 100 kilometers away from Shanghai Port, making sea exports very convenient.
  • Where are your goods mainly exported?
    Our products are mainly exported to dozens of countries such as Vietnam, Brazil, the United States, Germany, Japan, Spain, Italy, the United Kingdom, South Korea, Australia, Canada, etc.
About Us Premium Quality Since 1995

Established in 1995, Jiaxing Fuda Chemical Fiber Factory is located in the heartland of Yangtze River Delta. The company is located less than 100 kilometers far away from Shanghai,Hangzhou, Ningbo and Suzhou. with good location and convenient water and land transportation.

Through 20 years of development, we have 4 production lines for component fiber and 7 production lines for recycled polyester staple fiber with international advanced technologies and processes, with annual output of 40,000 tons component staple fiber . 110,000 tons polyester fiber and 10,000 tons electrostatic flocking tow.

As China Custom White Non- Silicon Conjugated Polyester Staple Fiber 7D×51mm Manufacturers and Custom White Non- Silicon Conjugated Polyester Staple Fiber 7D×51mm Factory, We have built an advanced chemical plant with an annual recycling capacity of 50000 tons of Polyethylene Terephthalate (PET) flakes has been built in Huaibei, Anhui Province.

The main products are five series: composite ES fiber, non-woven fiber, hollow fiber, spinning fiber, electrostatic flocking tow.

Mission: to create a world class factory in the industry of differentiated chemical fibers and become industry leader in the field of differentiated chemical fibers.

Jiaxing Fuda Chemical Fiber Factory
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Jiaxing Fuda Chemical Fiber Factory Jiaxing Fuda Chemical Fiber Factory
  • 1995

    Founded in 1995

  • 180000+ m2

    Plant area

  • 1030

    Number of employees

  • 160000+ tons

    Annual Output

Honorary qualifications Possess GRS, OEKO-TEX and other standard certification certificates
  • Jiaxing Fuda Chemical Fiber Factory
  • Jiaxing Fuda Chemical Fiber Factory
  • Jiaxing Fuda Chemical Fiber Factory
  • Jiaxing Fuda Chemical Fiber Factory
  • Jiaxing Fuda Chemical Fiber Factory
  • Jiaxing Fuda Chemical Fiber Factory
  • Jiaxing Fuda Chemical Fiber Factory
  • Jiaxing Fuda Chemical Fiber Factory
  • Jiaxing Fuda Chemical Fiber Factory
  • Jiaxing Fuda Chemical Fiber Factory
  • Jiaxing Fuda Chemical Fiber Factory
  • Jiaxing Fuda Chemical Fiber Factory
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Industry knowledge

What is the composition of 7D×51mm white non-silicon conjugated polyester staple fiber?

The composition of 7D×51mm white non-silicon conjugated polyester staple fiber refers to the materials used to make this precise form of fiber. In the case of this fiber, it's far made absolutely of polyester. Polyester is a artificial fiber derived from polymers which might be crafted from esters of dihydric alcohol and terephthalic acid.
The time period "7D×51mm" refers back to the denier and length of the fiber. Denier is a unit of dimension that shows the fineness or thickness of a fiber. In this example, the fiber has a denier of 7, because of this it's far distinctly coarser in comparison to finer fibers. The length of 51mm refers to the staple period of the fiber, that is the common length of person fibers.
The color of the fiber is cited as "white" White is a common coloration for polyester fibers as it could be easily dyed into diverse shades. The coloration itself does now not have an effect on the composition of the fiber but is more of an aesthetic function.
The term "non-silicon" shows that this polyester staple fiber does not contain silicon. Silicon is occasionally introduced to polyester fibers to enhance sure residences which includes softness, luster, and anti-static characteristics. However, in the case of non-silicon fibers, silicon is intentionally overlooked, potentially making the fiber greater suitable for unique applications wherein the presence of silicon would possibly cause undesired consequences.
Conjugated polyester staple fiber means that the fiber consists of more than one additives. In this example, it normally consists of two or more polyester components with contrasting residences that are combined or bonded collectively all through the fiber production process. This conjugation offers the fiber more advantageous traits consisting of advanced resilience, elasticity, and thermal stability.
The composition of 7D×51mm white non-silicon conjugated polyester staple fiber is ordinarily polyester, but the precise manufacturing method can also involve extra treatments or components to enhance certain homes. These ought to include anti-static dealers, UV stabilizers, flame retardants, or different components, relying on the intended use or marketplace requirementsPolyester staple fibers have won recognition in diverse industries due to their sturdiness, wrinkle resistance, dimensional balance, and simplicity of care. They are broadly used within the fabric enterprise for packages consisting of apparel, domestic fixtures, carpets, and technical textiles. The precise homes of the 7D×51mm white non-silicon conjugated polyester staple fiber make it appropriate for sure programs wherein its characteristics are required.

How is the non-silicon feature beneficial in 7D×51mm white non-silicon conjugated polyester staple fiber?

1. Enhanced comfort: Non-silicon fibers provide more advantageous consolation as they do now not have a slippery or clean floor like silicon-covered fibers. This makes them more suitable for packages in which direct touch with the pores and skin is worried, including in garb, bedding, and fabric. The non-silicon characteristic prevents the fibers from without difficulty sliding against each different, creating a extra stable and snug enjoy for the user.
2. Improved sturdiness: The absence of silicon coating enhances the durability of the fiber. Silicon-coated fibers can enjoy wear and tear greater fast, main to decreased toughness of the cease product. Non-silicon fibers, on the other hand, have better tensile strength and higher resistance to abrasion. This makes them suitable for packages requiring lengthy-lasting performance, including carpets, automotive interiors, and out of doors fabrics.
3. Ease of processing: Non-silicon fibers normally have better processability, in particular in manufacturing strategies like carding, spinning, and nonwoven production. The absence of silicon coating prevents troubles which includes fiber slippage, entanglement, and device clogging, leading to smoother and greater green operations. This benefit is especially vital in industries wherein excessive-velocity production is needed.
4. Enhanced dyeability: Non-silicon fibers show off improved dyeability in comparison to silicon-coated fibers. The absence of silicone coating permits for higher absorption of dyes, ensuing in vibrant and lengthy-lasting color outcomes. This characteristic is fantastically widespread in industries consisting of textile, fashion, and indoors layout, where colour performs a full-size position in the end product's attraction.
5. Eco-friendly: Utilizing non-silicon fibers aligns with the growing demand for sustainable and eco-friendly substances. Silicon coatings regularly require additional chemicals and energy-extensive techniques, which may additionally have bad environmental implications. Non-silicon fibers, being unfastened from silicon coating, lessen the carbon footprint and capacity damage to the surroundings even as preserving overall performance standards. This makes them a more eco-aware preference for conscious purchasers and industries aiming for greener practices.
6. Allergen-pleasant: For individuals with sensitivities or hypersensitive reactions, non-silicon fibers provide a hypoallergenic opportunity. Silicon-lined fibers can sometimes cause hypersensitive reactions, pores and skin irritations, or breathing troubles because of the presence of the silicon layer. Non-silicon fibers take away this challenge, supplying a secure and comfortable option for people liable to such sensitivities.
7. Versatility: Non-silicon conjugated polyester staple fibers are fantastically flexible, appropriate for a wide variety of packages. From garb to domestic textiles, car to filtration, those fibers cater to numerous industry requirements. The absence of silicon coating allows for extra flexibility in application, making them adaptable to exceptional end-product specifications and manufacturing processes.